The game Nickels was first played on February 23, 2002 in the mountains of North Georgia at an event called Cabin Fever.

There are many theories on why the game was first created. Some say it was only for the fact that a quarter could not be found. Many remember the nickel being used not as a replacement, but as a challenge, this was the true spirit of Nickels.

Below you can see the room in which Nickels was first played. That in fact is a photo of the perfect Nickels cup.

adam guyer nickels

Nickels History Trivia

1. When was "raising the stakes" invented? Who suggested it?

Nickels history is wrought with fading memories, and all that can be recalled is that "raising the stakes" was conceived of on 8/19/2002 at the Collier ridge apartments (the Pink Apartments).

2. Are there any other notable Nickels related events or variations?

Nickels has a continued to evolve as a game and a sport. Variations on the rules are expected, but should be carefully considered. The Nickels Tournament of 2006 took place on 09/22/2006. It was certainly a spectacle to see. The rules were quite complex and disgusting. More details will follow soon. And at the far end there are wild ideas such as trying to play with two cups and two Nickels.

3. What are some notable Nickels quotes?

"You Pour a Big Cup, You Drink a Big Cup" - If the shooter pours a large cup, general consensus is to target that person who poured the big cup.

"That's a Big Cup" - This statement is declared when a shooter pours a large cup, approaching and in some rare cases exceeding the cup. The general intent here is to encourage everyone to adhere to the "Pour a big cup, drink a big cup".

"I am a Glorious Man" - A notable saying to describe your dominance at the table and your good humor. Used during 2nd inaugural Nickels night.

"Stroganof" - A term used to describe the beverage of choice that is dispensed using a ladle from any kitchen pot or pan to fill the cup.

"Trimmin the fat" / "I've been Trimmed" - When it is becoming obvious that a player will have to quit the game soon because of his health, it is common to declare "Trimmin the fat". In some instances players may demand that when a player quits the game he must declare to the table "I've been trimmed." or he must contine to play.

"We Got a New Guy" - A statement used to encourage everyone to target the new player at the table, everyone agrees he's probably got some catching up to do.